Ya está la shortlist de los Epica Awards 2023 y hay piezas finalistas de VML Buenos Aires Argentina

Epica Awards, anuncia su shortlist 2023 y detalla que la ceremonia de premiación tendrá lugar el 7 de diciembre.

Este premio tiene la particularidad de ser fruto de la evaluación de un jurado compuesto por periodistas especializados de todo el mundo (Sitemarca, incluido 🙂 Es una forma de juzgamiento diferente y muy transversal que le da un toque especial a las piezas ganadoras. Este año se contó con la participación de 150 jurados siendo uno de los más extensos en la historia del certamen.

Aquí se detallan las piezas que lograron ser finalistas, o sea, la integración del shortlist (o lista corta) y se destacan, para la Argentina, las campañas de VML Buenos Aires. 

Esta primera etapa de finalistas pasa por la segunda rueda del jurado hasta el 1 de diciembre y luego se complementa con una sesión en vivo de los jurados en Bruselas para definir los Grand Prix.

Los oros y los Grand Prix serán difundidos a través de un screening online el día 7 de diciembre próximo. Al tiempo que las platas y los bronces se publicarán en el website de Epica desde el 8 de diciembre.

El mayor número de piezas concursantes provino de Canada (296) le sigue Alemania (202), Francia (138), EEUU(126), y Reino Unido (125). En términos de redes se desatacan: Publicis, McCann Worldgroup, Dentsu, VMLY&R y Wunderman Thompson.  



VML Buenos Aires with «Shoppable Armpits» for Unilever in Media Innovation – Traditional
VML Buenos Aires with «Tuenti Dollar» for Movistar in 2 categories


formascope agency with «achieve more with less» for less platform llc in Brand Identity


cummins&partners with «Alfa Romeo AI» for Stellantis in Creative Use of A.I.
Dentsu Creative with «Mood Tea» (3 parts) for Mood Tea in Humour


Heimat Wien – HMT Marketing GmbH with «cucinaAlchimia – institute for experimental cuisine» for cucinaAlchimia in Brand Identity
Heimat Wien – HMT Marketing GmbH with «Slow down – Warnings from beyond» for Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit in Health & Safety
Heimat Wien – HMT Marketing GmbH with «VinziRast gets you back on your feet. For 20 years.» for Verein Vinzenzgemeinschaft St. Stephan in 2 categories


Endorphin with «White Suits Girls» for Azercell & Azerbaijan Judo Federation in 3 categories


ICF Next with «Keep your eyes open» for European Commission – DG JUST in Integrated Campaigns
iO with «The Workers World Cup» for Amnesty International België Vlaanderen in Social
Serviceplan with «Amis des Aveugles Rebranding» for Amis des Aveugles (Friends of the Blind) in Brand Identity
VML with «Flavor Saver» for Hoeksche Chips in Packaging Design
VML with «OK Groomer» for Child Focus in 2 categories
VML with «The Mammoth Meatball» for Vow in 6 categories


Via Media with «Living in Bingo» for Bingo retail chain in Events


BETC Havas with «Petra Milk» for Grupo Petrópolis in 2 categories


&play studio with «The Metavisual» for The Cultural Perspectives Foundation in Metaverse


Citizen Relations with «Cheetle in Cheadle» for PepsiCo Foods Canada in Confectionery & Snacks
Citizen Relations with «ReclaimYourName.dic» for Elimin8Hate in 3 categories
Cossette Communication Inc. with «Chris P» for McDonald’s Canada in 3 categories
Cossette Communication Inc. with «Inspired by Big Mac» for McDonald’s Canada in 2 categories
Cossette Communication Inc. with «Legalize Us» for Cannabis Amnesty in Social
DDB Canada with «PREEMI» for Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) in Health & Safety
DonerNorth with «Too Many Candles» for Interval House in Best Use of Music
FCB Canada with «Dream Bars» for Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corporation in 2 categories
FCB Canada with «Runner 321» for Adidas in 2 categories
Forsman & Bodenfors Canada / Veritas Communications with «4000 Cover Stories» for Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) in Gender Equity
FUSE Create with «Hilton On The Green» for Hilton in 2 categories
Havas Media Canada with «Valda Heavy Metal Subway» for Valda in Prescription and OTC Products
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Ad Flipper» for Canadian Tire in Homes, Furnishings & Appliances
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Hair Hair Everywhere» for Proctor and Gamble in 3 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Irrefusable Invites» for N/A in 2 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Legally-Binding New Year’s Resolution Contract» for Lenczner Slaght in 2 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Leo-Kellogg 70» for Kellogg’s Canada Inc. in 4 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Pepperoni Hug Spot» for Yum! Brands in 2 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)» for Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in 4 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «The Horror» (2 parts) for Bell Canada in Copywriting & Storytelling
Leo Burnett Toronto with «The Watch» for Melanin Gamers in 2 categories
Leo Burnett Toronto with «Truth Boxes» for Toronto Star in 2 categories
LG2 with «Dignity Denim» for Canac in 2 categories
LG2 with «Parkscapes Volume 3» for Community Music Schools of Toronto in Graphic Design
LG2 with «Safety Coaster» for Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec in 2 categories
LG2 with «The 1.8-Pound Book» for Préma-Québec in Publication Design
LG2 with «The Winter Lotus» for Destination Québec cité in Transport & Tourism
McCann Canada with «24 Hours of Care» for Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation in Websites
McCann Canada with «French Toast Guy» for Wendy’s Canada in Restaurants, Bars & Cafés
McCann Canada with «The Stage Zero Collection» for Love & Nudes in Product Design
No Fixed Address with «#DearTerry» for The Terry Fox Foundation in 2 categories
Rethink with «Fear Windows» for Maison grise in Social
Rethink with «Heinz Ketchup Fraud» for Kraft Heinz in 3 categories
Rethink with «Heinz Slow this Ad» for Kraft Heinz in 2 categories
Rethink with «Jumping Through Hoops» for Tanergine in 2 categories
Rethink with «KitKat Ramadan Iftar Bar» for Nestle in 2 categories
Rethink with «LVII Meanz 57» for Kraft Heinz in 2 categories
Rethink with «Philadelphia A Little Taste Of Hell» for Kraft Heinz in Packaging Design
Rethink with «Real Nurse Costume» for Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec in Gender Equity
Rethink with «RGD Branding Awards» for Association of Registered Graphic Designers in 2 categories
Rethink with «Schmear Socks» for Kraft Heinz in Food
Rethink with «The Troll» for IKEA Canada in 2 categories
Rethink with «Window Shopping» for IKEA Canada in 2 categories
Sid Lee with «“Janette & Daughters” Documentary» for Léa Clermont-Dion, La Ruelle Films in Graphic Design
Sid Lee with «Serres de rue» for Carrefour Solidaire Centre communautaire d’alimentation in Environment
Sid Lee with «The Family Cookvault» for IGA (Sobey’s) in Retail Services
The&Partnership with «Lighter on the Earth» for Canada Post in Communication & Public Services
VML / TAXI with «Change The Bill» for Native Women’s Association of Canada in 2 categories
VML / TAXI with «Sleep Tracks» for Canada Safety Council in Best Use of Sound
Zulu Alpha Kilo with «hullo» for Vancouver Island Ferry Company in Brand Identity
Zulu Alpha Kilo with «Left-Handed Mango Chutney» for Zulu Alpha Kilo in 2 categories
Zulu Alpha Kilo with «Letters Home» for HomeEquity Bank / Royal Canadian Legion in 3 categories
Zulu Alpha Kilo with «Sephora Illumination» for Sephora in 3 categories
Zulu Alpha Kilo with «Unstandardized Desk» for D2L in 4 categories


MRM Santiago with «We didn’t write this campaign» for NotCo in Public Relations


Chengdu FLINT WALK Film & Television Technology Co., Ltd with «Naked-Eye 3D Display of the Public Testing of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2 at Taikoo Li, Chengdu» for Perfect World Games in Post Production & Visual Effects
The Nine Shanghai with «Ladies of Tang Dynasty» for Daming Palace in 2 categories
The Nine Shanghai with «Magnificent» for Yotkan Ancient City in Xinjiang, China in Direction & Cinematography


Leo Burnett with «Billy the Bullywatcher» for AbinBev in Creative Technology
Ogilvy with «Self-Sufficient Food Cart» for Centelsa by Nexans in Environment
VML with «Nest Domes» for EDGEWELL in Environment


Playsense Agency with «World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023» for Wargaming Group in Films & Series


& Co. / NoA with «Hope away from home» for UNHCR in Online & Viral Films
& Co. / NoA with «Makes Difficult Easy» for Vipps MobilePay in 2 categories
& Co. / NoA with «The Pain Choir» for Danish Rheumatism Association in 3 categories
Honeytrap Film with «Life Made Possible» for Novo Nordisk in Direction & Cinematography
Marketsquare with «Mockupsquare» for Marketsquare in 2 categories
Publicis Denmark with «Vacuum Cleaner» for Visa in Financial Services
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded with «Danish Beauty Remastered» for Andel in 3 categories
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded with «FOMO Forever» for The Danish Cancer Society & TrygFonden in 2 categories
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded with «The Green search» for Andel in Environment


Not Perfect Tallinn with «HOLD MY KARL» (2 parts) for Carlsberg Group / Saku Õlletehas in Non-alcoholic Drinks
Tabasco with «Commodity Blood» for North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonian Society of Hematology in Integrated Campaigns


Miltton with «Counterstrike of the Free Press» for Helsingin Sanomat in 3 categories
Reaktor with «Unlocking Merge Mansion» for Metacore in Events


AustralieGad with «As far as the eye can see» for Fondation d’entreprise Optic 2000 – Lissac – Audio 2000 in 2 categories
BETC with «Papa» for CANAL+ in 2 categories
BETC with «The Secret of Wakany» for CANAL+ in Direction & Cinematography
BETC with «Unexpected Encounters» (4 parts) for Lacoste in Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories
Brainsonic with «BAD PROMPTS» for EDITIONS HATIER in 3 categories
Havas Paris with «Aéroport Anne de Gaulle» for Fondation Anne de Gaulle in 4 categories
Havas Paris with «Don’t Wear It ? Give It !» for Emmaüs in 2 categories
Havas Play with «Adopt a Mod» for SPA in Social
Havas Play with «Adopt a Mod» for La Société Protectrice des Animaux in Apps & Games
HYFH with «AGORAESIO» for AÉSIO mutuelle in Financial Services
JEFF! with «Boulettes Proof» for NGE in Music Videos
Jellyfish France with «Get a Flat» for BNP Paribas in Music Videos
Jellyfish France with «The Missing Jewels» (4 parts) for Netflix in Humour
LAFOURMI with «The story is written beneath your feet» for PUMA in Sports-related Advertising
Le Vestiaire with «THE VICTIMS’ ROBE» for Coubris & Associés in Product Design
Leo Burnett – Services Marketing Diversifiés with «EyeMoney» for Fédération Nationales Solidarité Femmes in Gender Equity
LGM AND CO with «Unusual Suspect» for Pavillon France in 3 categories
Mathematic with «Mumuration» for HOKA in Post Production & Visual Effects
McCann Paris with «Optink» for Junge Helden e. V. in 4 categories
mnstr with «Photomode – Out There in Games» for Ubisoft in 2 categories
ORÈS SAS with «greet – When the hotel takes on a new meaning» for greet (Accor Group) in Transport & Tourism
Publicis Conseil with «Renault – Time-Fighters» for Renault in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
Rosbeef! with «Bet Your Life Away» for ANJ Autorité Nationale des Jeux in Best Use of Music
Saatchi & Saatchi France – Service Marketing Diversifiés with «I love you man» for Jules in Copywriting & Storytelling
Saatchi & Saatchi France – Service Marketing Diversifiés with «Saatchi, Great Place to Work» (3 parts) for Saatchi & Saatchi France in Self-Promotion
Saatchi & Saatchi France – Service Marketing Diversifiés with «The Forbidden Jobs» for Social Builder in Social Networks
SID LEE PARIS with «We Play For Change» for BNP Paribas in Sports-related Advertising
SOLDATS with «RENAULT – THE STORE» for RENAULT in 2 categories
Strike with «After News» for Humanity & Inclusion in Direction & Cinematography
The Mill with «Trust Journey» for Wanda in Post Production & Visual Effects
VML Paris with «BUILDING TOMORROW» for Dassault Systèmes in 2 categories
We Are Social with «BOTANIQUEST» for PIERRE FABRE in 2 categories


Enkeny Films with «One Day In Summer» for TBC Bank in Direction & Cinematography
Leavingstone with «Liquid Myth» for IDS Borjomi in Online & Viral Films
watergunz with «Women Who Don’t Exist» for watergunz in Gender Equity


Accenture Song Germany with «A hand ball that could save your life.» for Borussia Dortmund in 4 categories
Accenture Song Germany with «BMW OPEN BRAND WORLD» for BMW Group in 2 categories
Accenture Song Germany with «Designed In Bangladesh. Made in Europe.» for ekn footwear in 2 categories
Accenture Song Germany with «Fragrance for everyone» for ALDI Nord in Online & Viral Films
Accenture Song Germany with «Lufthansa Pride Campaign 2023: «The World Says Yes to You»» (2 parts) for Lufthansa in Films & Series
Accenture Song Germany with «Shadow and Bone Season 2» for Netflix in Post Production & Visual Effects
Accenture Song Germany with «Stranger Things – The season finale» for Netflix in Post Production & Visual Effects
Accenture Song Germany with «The Nevers» for HBO in Post Production & Visual Effects
DDB Group Germany with «Workation» (3 parts) for Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Radio Advertising
Fork Unstable Media with «Shoah Memorial Frankfurt» for Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt in Websites
Grabarz & Partner with «At second glance.» (3 parts) for German Depression Aid Foundation in Health & Safety
Grabarz & Partner with «Charles III – The Burger King» for Burger King in 2 categories
Grabarz & Partner with «Jump ’n’ Hear – A Roblox Hearing Game.» for audibene / hear.com in Apps & Games
Grabarz & Partner with «Lesson for Life» (2 parts) for German Life Saving Society in Health & Safety
häppy with «Do You See The Difference? (Recruitment Campaign 2023)» for Hälssen & Lyon in Publication Design
Havas Germany with «Winter in Germany» for fiftyfifty (organisation for homeless people) in 2 categories
HEIMAT with «Let nature do the job» for HORNBACH in Post Production & Visual Effects
HEIMAT with «THE SQUARE METER» for HORNBACH / Home Improvement Stores in 2 categories
INNOCEAN Berlin with «Capa by AI» for Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in 2 categories
INNOCEAN Berlin with «There’s Nothing Comic About Dyslexia» for Dyslexia Scotland in 2 categories
KNSK GROUP GmbH with «Award Keystone» for KNSK Werbeagentur GmbH in Self-Promotion
Leo Burnett GmbH with «The Date and the Fish» for Samsung Electronics in 2 categories
Leo Burnett GmbH with «Climate Realism» for WWF Germany in 8 categories
McCANN Worldgroup Germany with «The X-Tinction Timeline» for WWF Germany in 4 categories
Philipp und Keuntje with «Calm Down» for Sea-Eye in Radio Advertising
Philipp und Keuntje with «H.A.N.S. – The Hateful Audio Notification Service» for Laut gegen Nazis in Topical and Real-Time Advertising
Philipp und Keuntje and Mantikor with «The Homeless Gallery» for Hinz&Kunzt in 3 categories
Philipp und Keuntje with «THE RISE» for growney in 2 categories
Publicis One Touch with «The Shadow Jumper» for Beiersdorf AG in Animation
Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf with «The Power of a Comment» for Deutsche Telekom AG in 2 categories
Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf with «Oreo Cheat Cookies» for Mondelēz Europe in 5 categories
Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf with «Climate Offers» for REWE in Integrated Campaigns
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «Erstmal Essen (Let’s Eat First)» for Uber Eats in 2 categories
Scholz & Friends Hamburg GmbH with «Happy Ramadan» for McDonald’s in Restaurants, Bars & Cafés
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «McDonald’s Jingle Board» for McDonald’s in 2 categories
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «No Answer» for Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport / German Road Safety Council in Direction & Cinematography
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «The Panic Prevention App» for InTempo in Apps & Games
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «The Sound of Color» for IWC Schaffhausen in 2 categories
Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH with «Unlimited» for Berliner Philharmonie in Publication Design
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «AIZOME ULTRA™ – An innovative method to create textiles with lasting health benefits.» for AIZOME in Creative Technology
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «AIZOME ULTRA™ – Healthcare you can wear.» for AIZOME in Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial waste — certified as skincare.» for AIZOME in 2 categories
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «Bee Radio» for WWF Deutschland in 3 categories
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «can do decoded» for Telefónica Germany / o2 Deutschland in 3 categories
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY / SAINT ELMO´S GERMANY. with «Long COVID Mode» for Long COVID Europe in Native Advertising
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «SAVED MEMORIES» for Transklar e.V. / Trans-Ident e.V. / Rosa Strippe e.V. in 2 categories
SERVICEPLAN GERMANY with «The Rift» for PENNY in 4 categories
Tempomedia Filmproduktion with «Mercedes-Benz – One Of Many» for Mercedes-Benz in Corporate Image
Tempomedia Filmproduktion with «Wick – Epic Breath» for Katjes in Animation


A.S. Strategy, Branding & Communication, A. Skaraki & Co with «A.S. Corporate Identity» for A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication in Brand Identity


Artificial Group Kft. with «Roomies From The Wild» for WWF Hungary in Environment
Publicis Groupe Hungary with «The Road We Share» for RN Hungary Kft. in 4 categories
DDB Budapest with «The Impossible Campus» for Cinego in Product & Brand Integration
Wavemaker with «Blue Thread of Fate» for Decathlon in 3 categories
White Rabbit Budapest with «Elden Fake News» for Budapest Business Journal in 2 categories


Pipar\TBWA with «Spot The Difference» for Blush in Health & Beauty
Pipar\TBWA with «The Voice» for TOYOTA ICELAND in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories


Glasseye with «The Summer Palace» for Outernet in Post Production & Visual Effects
Publicis Dublin with «Better Less Bitter» for Island’s Edge in Alcoholic Drinks


Mccann Tel-Aviv with «Fighting to remember» for Zikaron Basalon in 2 categories


Accenture Song with «#WeAreThePanda» for WWF Italia in 2 categories
AKQA srl with «I HAVE A SPEECH» for H-FARM Education in AI Craft
Alkemy enabling evolution with «The Bad Square» for Prime Video Italy in Media Innovation – Traditional
Armando Testa S.p.A. with «YES! We’re Open» for Luigi Lavazza Spa in 3 categories
DDB with «Hungry for Culture» for Bennet in 4 categories
DDB with «SAKERHET» for IKEA in 2 categories
Dentsu Creative S.r.l. SB with «Forza Canada» for Mondelēz International, Inc. in 4 categories
Dentsu Creative S.r.l. SB with «Neverending Sanremo» for Spotify in Best Use of Music
DLV BBDO with «My Famous Bucato» for ACE Italia in Media Innovation – Alternative
DLV BBDO with «The Floating Boat» for E.ON Italy in Communication & Public Services
DLV BBDO with «The Sign Dance» for Italian Deaf Association in Social Networks
DUDE MILANO S.R.L. with «Adamo 2050» for Kraft Heinz in Films & Series
Leo Burnett Italy with «no grey» for Stellantis in 6 categories
Leo Burnett Italy with «Pandelleria» for Stellantis in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
McCann Worldgroup with «MoRE – The Museum of Restrictions» for Reckitt in Events
Naive Agency with «NIKE TECH «Break Dance Rules»» (4 parts) for Nike EMEA in Advertising Photography
Nic Bello with «Have you done all the checks?» for Fondazione Umberto Veronesi in Health & Safety
TBWA Italia S.P.A. with «PortrAIts» for AISM (The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society) in 3 categories
TBWA Italia S.P.A. with «The B A.I. S» for Wired in 2 categories
The 6th with «Fantastic Beasts» for Albertin Cliches in Self-Promotion
VML HEALTH with «Not A Lonely Journey» for Biogen in Prescription and OTC Products


INITIAL with «MIDNIGHT MOOZART» for National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations in 2 categories
LIFULL with «PROUD LIBERICA COFFEE» for LIFULL in 2 categories
SIX INC with «A Train of Memories» for Sotetsu Holdings in 4 categories


BBDO CA with «How to cook luxury instant noodles: RAMEN» for Mareven Food Tien-Shan in Direction & Cinematography
BBDO CA with «How to cook luxury instant noodles: WOK» for Mareven Food Tien-Shan in Direction & Cinematography
BBDO CA with «JUST LIKE YOU» for ALTEL in Creative Use of A.I.
BBDO CA with «Meet Lay’s…SARKYT!» for PepsiCo in Humour
Cheil Worldwide Kazakhstan with «Keep the History, Make the History.» for Samsung Kazakhstan in Direction & Cinematography
FCB Artgroup Almaty with «Domestic violence data visualization. Now you see.» for KazFem in 3 categories
GForce/Grey with «Kazakh buy-book» for Magnum retail chain in 5 categories
SEED with «The Unavailable drop» for The Teplo Foundation in Social
TBWA\Central Asia & Caucasus with «THE UNEXPECTED FACADES» for Food Solutions KZ in Restaurants, Bars & Cafés


Hyundai Motor Company with «Born to Drive: Archiving Book for the Hyundai Driving Experience Center» for Hyundai Motor Group in Publication Design
Hyundai Motor Company with «Hyundai Advanced Air Mobility: Supernal» for Supernal LLC in Brand Identity
Hyundai Motor Company with «Multi Lantern» for Hyundai Motor Company in Product Design


McCANN Riga with «The Last Free Speech App» for Votvot in Online & Mobile services


Fabula Rud Pedersen Group (UAB Fabula ir partneriai) with «#JoinThePolice» for Lithuanian Police in Product & Brand Integration




180 Amsterdam with «Mirinda Move & Mix» for PepsiCo Mirinda in 2 categories
180 Amsterdam with «Refugee LinkUp» for Refugee Talent Hub in Social
180 Amsterdam with «The Erased» for Free Press Unlimited in 2 categories
Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company with «Mis Niks» for Interpolis in Best Use of Music
Dentsu Creative Amsterdam with «AI BUZZ» for Volkswagen Netherlands in 2 categories
DEPT® with «B&O – See Yourself in Sound» for Bang & Olufsen in 2 categories
DEPT® with «Give A Hand – Building the world’s largest open-source image library of hands» for American Society for Deaf Children in 2 categories
DEPT® with «OneBlade, One Of a Kind» for Philips Royal in 3 categories
Kaliber with «Impossible without you» for Alliander in Corporate Image
Kaliber with «Meet the koffers» (3 parts) for KLM in Humour
Kaliber with «Snap-a-tron Ultra 2000 Deluxe» for Kaliber Interactive in Self-Promotion
Kaliber with «What if Machine» for Swinkels Family Brewers in Alcoholic Drinks
Selmore Creative Agency & DotControl with «De Nationale Bioscoopbon» for De Nationale Bioscoopbon in 2 categories
Springbok with «Animal Intelligence» for ARTIS in Topical and Real-Time Advertising
Springbok with «ARTIS Lives» for ARTIS in Integrated Campaigns
Springbok with «The Paper Edition» for FD in Media
WeTransfer with «WeTransfer and Jungle Collaboration» for WeTransfer and Jungle in Music Videos


The Yarn Agency Limited with «AfterLife Pay» for Hell Pizza in Restaurants, Bars & Cafés


Anorak / NoA with «Drive Like a Woman» for Gjensidige Insurance in Financial Services
Anorak / NoA with «Thanks for sharing» for KLP in Financial Services
Morgenstern AS with «Pay for shipping? Hah!» for FINN.no in Humour
Morgenstern AS with «The Second Hand World Cup» for FINN.no in 2 categories
NOSLEEPTILLBROOKLYN with «The Environmentalist» for Agder kollektivtrafikk in Transport & Tourism
Publicis Kitchen /Lion Communications as with «Dumpster Deli» for Future In Our Hands in Environment
T/A POL with «BFFs of Carriage 4» for Vy in Transport & Tourism
T/A POL with «Father Christmas & Mother Earth» for Posten (The Norwegian Postal Service) in Copywriting & Storytelling
T/A POL with «Grandma and the magic locker» for Posten (The Norwegian Postal Service) in Communication & Public Services
T/A POL with «Save The Imagination» for Save The Children in Copywriting & Storytelling
TRY with «Das Chair» for Volkswagen in 2 categories
TRY with «Life is not an IKEA catalogue» (3 parts) for IKEA in 2 categories
TRY with «The BÄSTIS Billboard» for IKEA in Media Innovation – Traditional
TRY with «The Mental Advisory Label» for World Mental Health Day in 2 categories
TRY with «This campaign doesn’t exist» for DNB in Financial Services
We Are Live with «The Outsiders» for Coop Norway AS in Media Innovation – Traditional


McCann Poland with «Where to Settle» for Mastercard in 3 categories
Papaya Films with «Better Side of Winter» for McDonald’s in Films & Series


Coming Soon Lisboa with «Raise the Finger» for Wonther in Gender Equity
Dentsu Creative Portugal with «It’s a Girl» for Banco BPI in Financial Services
Dentsu Creative Portugal with «The Forgotten Team» for MEO in Social


Bob Creative with «Values We Stick To» for IPPU Packaging in Publication Design
MERCURY COMMUNICATIONS SRL with «The Forest’s Residents» for WWW Romania in Environment


VML with «The Subconscious Order» for HungerStation in 3 categories


Magıc Camp with «Yandex Go. Focusing on tradition» for Yandex Go in Native Advertising
New Moment New Ideas Company with «End of School» for NEDELJNIK in Social


VML Singapore Pte Ltd with «Change The Angle» for Unilever in 4 categories
VML Singapore Pte Ltd with «Pollution Pencils» for Haleon in 2 categories


Free Andy with «Indestructible Flag» for Dúhový Pride in Gender Equity
Istropolitana Advertising with «Seismic notification» for SME Daily, Humanitarian organization MAGNA in Topical and Real-Time Advertising
Istropolitana Advertising with «Survived?» for Humanitarian organization MAGNA in Social
JANDL marketing a reklama, s.r.o. with «New Definition of Love» for Pernod Ricard in Gender Equity
JANDL marketing a reklama, s.r.o. with «The Escape» for Plamienok in Social
MUW Saatchi & Saatchi with «#Respect» for Telekom in Direction & Cinematography
THIS IS LOCCO with «The Hockey Carrot» for Kaufland Slovakia in 4 categories
TRIAD with «Will they come?» for Dobrý Anjel in Direction & Cinematography
Wiktor Leo Burnett,s.r.o. with «Map of Slovak Instagram» for Data on Steroids in Corporate Image


Master For You Agency with «The Macallan – The Spirit of 1926» for The Macallan in 2 categories
MRM Worldwide Spain with «Ready Player Mom» for Enterogermina in 3 categories


Acne Advertising with «Uncanceled Trips» for Audi Sweden in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
Åkestam Holst NoA with «A Prompt For Free Speech» for Pressbyrån + Reporters Without Borders in Creative Use of A.I.
BBDO Nordics with «The Impossible Statue» for Sandvik Group in AI Craft
Forsman & Bodenfors with «Sweden (not Switzerland)» for Visit Sweden in Transport & Tourism
Forsman & Bodenfors with «The Shuffle Ticket» for Live Nation / Luger in 2 categories
Giants & Toys with «Before It’s Too Late» for Stockholm Stadsmission in 2 categories
Giants & Toys with «Before it’s Too Late.» for Stockholms Stadsmission in Social
Gullers Grupp AB with «Swedish Crime Scenes» for ChildX in 2 categories
Naive with «»The world’s best animal welfare»» for Djurens Rätt in Social
Welcom with «Do Less for the Climate» (3 parts) for Göteborg Energi in Communication & Public Services
Wenderfalck with «Shadecation» for Apotek Hjärtat in 2 categories


Farner Schweiz with «Dream the Ocean clean» for OceanCare in Environment
Inhalt und Form Werbeagentur LSA with «Closed because of war» for Black&Blaze Coffee Ldt. in Social
Parenti Design: The Branding Studio with «eMa – Rebranding» for eMa – Ecole des Musiques Actuelles in Brand Identity
Ruf Lanz, Zurich with «Parking Spaces» (3 parts) for BFU (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) in Health & Safety
Ruf Lanz, Zurich with «When art has to travel» (3 parts) for Welti-Furrer Fine Art Transport in 2 categories
Saatchi & Saatchi Zürich with «Fiat Passion Assistant» for Astara in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
Serviceplan Suisse AG with «ANTIQUE GIFS» for VEBUKU (Vereinigung der Buchantiquare und Kupferstichhändler in der Schweiz) in Illustration
Serviceplan Suisse AG with «Update HIV – A campaign to rebrand HIV» for F/A/Q – Health Foundation e. V. in Social Networks
stories AG with «When the debate falls silent» for Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG in Media
TBWA\Switzerland with «Cutkakes» (3 parts) for Terre des Femmes in Gender Equity
TBWA\Switzerland with «Switch Sides» (3 parts) for McDonald’s in Print Craft
TBWA\Switzerland with «The Candual» for IKEA in 2 categories
TBWA\Switzerland with «The cheesiest song ever» for McDonald’s in Humour
Wirz Group AG with «Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: The ride of a lifetime» for Switzerland Tourism in Transport & Tourism
Wirz Group AG with «The Migros Beer» for Migros in 2 categories


BBDO Bangkok with «A19 Car Park Showroom» for Mercedes-Benz Thailand in 2 categories
BBDO Bangkok with «My Parent is A Tiktoker» for CPF Restaurant and Foods Chain Co.,Ltd. in 2 categories
BBDO Bangkok with «The Cleft Choir» for Johnson & Johnson Consumer (Thailand) Ltd. in Music Videos
FLASH BOMBER with «cut-off» for sunday insurance in Humour
FLASH BOMBER with «THE ADS THAT YOU CAN KICK» for TAP Trading Co., Ltd. in 2 categories
VML Thailand with «The Eyeballs Heist» for Netflix TH in Media
VML Thailand with «Wheel For One» for KFC in Experiential & Shopper Marketing
YM.Studio Co.,Ltd (Yell Advertising) with «Egg O’Clock» for Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited in Food
YM.Studio Co.,Ltd (Yell Advertising) with «Sexually Religious» for Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company Limited in Packaging Design
YM.Studio Co.,Ltd (Yell Advertising) with «WOK of Mouth» for PTT Public Company Limited in Homes, Furnishings & Appliances
YOUNGSTER BKK with «Caution of Hot & Spicy Wall» for McDonald’s x VGI Media in Food


MullenLowe İstanbul with «OMO / THE PATH TO BRAVE DREAMS IS THROUGH GETTING DIRTY» for Unilever in Household Maintenance
Panda Films with «Xena» for Skrillex & Nai Barghouti in Music Videos
RAFİNERİ with «The Symbols of Change» for Cache Istanbul in 2 categories
RealWorks with «Elidor Solidarity Monument On Our Own Way» for Unilever in Creative Use of Data
VML Turkiye with «Is That Heinz?» for The Kraft Heinz Company in 3 categories


1+1 MEDIA with «Big Brave Events» for 1+1 MEDIA in Events
ANGRY agency with «Christmas Not War» for Concrete by Kovalska in 3 categories
Gres Todorchuk with «Azovstal. A symbol of perseverance» for UNITED24 in Product Design
Gres Todorchuk with «SOLEDARITY. Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength» for UNITED24 in Packaging Design
KYIFORNIA with «Life-saving app» for UNFPA in Gender Equity
Postmen with «The World of Skovoroda: the idea of light in dark times» for Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine in 2 categories
Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine with «Carol for Charity» for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, NGO Brand Ukraine, Olena Zelenska Foundation in 4 categories


MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC with «Fixing the bAIs» for Aurora50 in 2 categories
VML Middle East with «Alexa, I See Coke» for The Coca-Cola Company in 2 categories
VML with «Unstainable Thobe» for Kraft Food in 2 categories


AnalogFolk Group with «The Truth, Undressed» for Bayer Consumer Health in Prescription and OTC Products
CPB London with «Death isn’t the opposite of life. It’s part of it» for Marie Curie in Health & Safety
Creature London with «Imagine» for Child Poverty Action Group in 2 categories
Daniel J Edelman Ltd with «Mayo McHack» for Hellmann’s in 2 categories
Fold7 with «Laugh Through It» for Amazon in 3 categories
Havas with «Me, My Autism & I» for Reckitt & Ambitious About Autism in Household Maintenance
Havas Lynx Group with «Healing the Healers» for Havas Lynx Group in Corporate Image
Hope&Glory with «Hot Motor Bottles» for Renault Group in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
Hope&Glory with «Real-Life Roomsets» for IKEA in Social
Hope&Glory with «The Last Photo» for CALM in 4 categories
Iris with «Folding Billboard» for Samsung UK in Personal Electronics & Devices
Ketchum London with «The Food Club» for Iceland Foods Ltd in 2 categories
Ketchum London with «The Sounds of the Underground» for MerseyRail in Transport & Tourism
Leo Burnett with «Raise Your Arches» for McDonald’s UK in 3 categories
Leo Burnett with «Raise Your Arches – Raise Your Arches Film» for McDonald’s UK in Films & Series
McCann London with «Depzman – Life Cut Short» for The Joshua Ribera Foundation in 2 categories
McCann London with «Fabric of England» for Show Racism The Red Card in 2 categories
McCann London with «See My Pain» for Reckitt in Prescription and OTC Products
McCann London with «Smart Plants» for Plant Drop in 3 categories
Media.Monks with «Duo Invades Roblox» for Duolingo in Metaverse
Media.Monks with «Make It Real» for The BMW Group in 4 categories
Media.Monks with «Pride Research» for Havaianas in Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories
MontanariPR with «Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking» for Breitling in Best Use of Sound
neverland creative ltd with «If only you knew» for Age UK in Social
neverland creative ltd with «The Ice Bucket Hat» for Kopparberg in Alcoholic Drinks
Riff Raff Films with «Night Creatures» for Burberry in 3 categories
Riff Raff Films with «Xmas 2022» for Aldi in Animation
The Beyond Collective with «Change The Ending» for Alzheimer’s Research UK in 2 categories
VML with «A period stopping is only part of the story» for Boots UK in Print Craft
VML with «It’s How We Talk» for STAMMA in Copywriting & Storytelling
VML with «The Usual Sorespects» (3 parts) for Viatris in Illustration
VML with «Safe Spaces» for HSBC UK in Financial Services


72andSunny with «1800 Tequila Taste Tiendita» for Proximo Spirits in Alcoholic Drinks
72andSunny with «Scripted: Season 104» (6 parts) for NFL in Sports-related Advertising
BBDO & Critical Mass with «Spokescandies on Pause» for Mars in Integrated Campaigns
Commonwealth McCann with «Holidays with Mrs. Hayes» for General Motors in Copywriting & Storytelling
Conill with «Born to Lend a Hand» for Toyota Motor North America in Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories
Dentsu Creative with «Scrolling Therapy» for Eurofarma in 5 categories
McCann Health Japan, an IPG Health Company with «Picture The Days Ahead» (3 parts) for Sandoz in 2 categories
McCann New York with «ADLAM: An Alphabet to Preserve a Culture» for Microsoft in 2 categories
McCann New York with «The Brake Room» for Chick-Fil-A in 2 categories
Media.Work with «Nike Invincible 3» for Nike in Animation
Media.Work with «Poetry In Motion» for Media.Work in Self-Promotion
Momentum Worldwide with «Converse Sessions» for Converse in 2 categories
Momentum Worldwide with «Good Deeds Cup» for Chevrolet in Corporate Image
Momentum Worldwide with «Infinite Potential. Zero Limits.» for Sprite Zero Sugar in Non-alcoholic Drinks
Party Land with «Greatest Hates Vol. 3» (2 parts) for Liquid Death in Humour
Sukle Advertising & Design with «Hairy Times» for Wyoming Department of Health in Health & Safety
Turner Duckworth with «Sprite’s First Globally Unified Visual Identity System» for The Coca-Cola Company in Brand Identity
VML with «#StandUpToJewishHate» for Foundation to Combat Antisemitism in 3 categories


Synthesis creative lab with «Cool Store» for Ishonch in 2 categories
Synthesis creative lab with «What Will People Say?» for PepsiCo in 2 categories




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